Faliregál részletfizetés

Take advantage of our leasing facility for your equipment purchases!

Features of the lease

Leasing is a financing transaction linked to an asset. This means that the funder reserves the ownership of the asset until the end of the term, giving the asset to the lessor to own and use the lease payments. For commercial and kitchen equipment, the lease is a good choice as a form of financing because the operation and use of the equipment generate cover for the payment obligations.

General conditions for the use of leasing:

  • available for individual and corporate companies registered in Hungary
  • closed two business years
  • the customer is not under liquidation
  • the enterprise has no public debt and no negative equity
  • 20% self-worth

Funded assets range:

  • refrigeration equipment
  • kitchen equipment

Why is it good?

  • funding available from a contract value of HUF 2 000,000
  • favorable conditions
  • From 2018, the amount of the corporation tax can be reduced by the amount of interest paid on the finance lease – in accordance with the relevant provisions

The course of administration:

  • choose the products you want to buy, including details (business name, address, tax number) ask us for a quotation
  • apply for a financing offer, by giving a suitable term for your business,
  • after customer rating, our leasing partner sends you a contract (our leasing partner performs the certification of the submitted documents, then contracts)
  • after having submitted the contractual documentation and the original copy of the contract documentation and the service license, you may transfer and take possession of the equipments.


Net assets to be financed by contract
Duration Mounthly
Leasing fees
  2 years 3 years 4 years
3.000.000 Ft

115.648 Ft 81.208 Ft 64.707 Ft
5.000.000 Ft 190.812 Ft 133.383 Ft 105.828 Ft
Above 5 millió Ft Unique quote

The information is not complete, please contact us at mobile +36 30 687 0862.

This offer is based on a mandatory, unobtrusive termination term of the above durations, with a 20% self-payment, based on HUF-based 1-month BUBOR taking into account closed-end finance lease financing under Act on Credit Institutions and Financial Enterprises (Hpt.) transfer of ownership at the end of the maturity.

Paying VAT on net asset value is due upon receipt, this amount may be claimed in accordance with the VAT Act. Monthly lease payments are no longer subject to VAT payment.

During the term of the lease contract, the assets financed must be insured with property insurance. The property insurance premium is not included in the net lease fees given above.

Fundamental conditions for using leasing:

  1. it is only possible to finance individual, corporate enterprises, private individuals are excluded;
  2. the undertaking must have at least two annual accounts showing a closed Annual Report;
  3. the company's own capital must not be negative and the subscribed capital must comply with the statutory minimum conditions for the form of company;
  4. total public debt relief (NAV, local tax certificate, Budapest and district and municipal self-government proof required);
  5. registration of the enterprise in the Credit Insurance Register (HBNY) before the conclusion of the lease agreement

This information is not exhaustive and concerns the funding provided by the Monéta Pénzügyi Zrt. (3300 Eger, Menház street 52 / B.). Finalization of the contractual terms may be made after the examination of the documents requested, taking into account the results of the credit assessment.



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