Monoblock Cold and Freezer Rooms with came lock system

If you need a quick and professional solution to store cold large quantities of food, a cold room with monoblock will be the best choice.

We are providing high quality of cold chambers which made by innovative production procedure with the most restrictive hygienic-sanitary norms.

The cold or freezer rooms are equipped with monoblock engineering. You can choose the right ceiling or wall mounting monoblock for each cold and freezer room.

The benefit of the chambers that they can be assembled quickly.

Cold Room 80 1A

Cold Room 80 1A

Net price 799 046,- HUF

Gross price 1 014 788,- HUF

Freezer Room 100 1

Freezer Room 100 1

Net price 905 933,- HUF

Gross price 1 150 535,- HUF



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