GRAVIS LIFT 0.94 | Refrigerated counter

GRAVIS LIFT 0.94 | Refrigerated counter

The counter has an internal cooling aggregate, static cooling and front glass LIFTED on actuators. Electronic thermostat with digital display.  The display area and storage chamber made of stainless steel. LED lighting for meat. Night blinds made of plexiglass.

Steel sides insulated with polyurethane foam - color choice from RAL range. Base and front - the choice of colour from RAL. Body powder coated in white. It has stainless steel worktop.

Colors of ABS plastic sides: gray, brown or black.

Possibility of joining modules free of charge!

Product details:

  • External dimensions:
  • Useful capacity: 174 dm³
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Refrigeration range: (+15...+25°C, 60% Rh) +1 ... +10 °C
  • Exposition part: 0,68 m²


Selected products


MA | "Strzegom" granite worktop 1 m
Net price 26 982,- HUF
Gross price34 267,- HUF

MA | 2 level graded display 1 m
Net price 27 800,- HUF
Gross price35 306,- HUF

MA | Automatic condensate evaporation
Net price 36 603,- HUF
Gross price46 486,- HUF

MA | Base for cash register or scales
Net price 25 184,- HUF
Gross price31 984,- HUF

MA | Bath of fish 1 m
Net price 63 940,- HUF
Gross price81 204,- HUF

MA | Fixed glass partition
Net price 21 136,- HUF
Gross price26 843,- HUF

MA | Front shelf for the customer made of two stainless profiles 1 m
Net price 31 480,- HUF
Gross price39 980,- HUF

MA | Glass shelf inside the counter 1 m
Net price 22 485,- HUF
Gross price28 556,- HUF

MA | Hermetic socket
Net price 7 413,- HUF
Gross price9 415,- HUF

MA | Moveable partition of plexiglass or glass
Net price 19 337,- HUF
Gross price24 558,- HUF

MA | Possibility of joining modules
Net price 0,- HUF
Gross price0,- HUF

MA | Set of wheels
Net price 33 387,- HUF
Gross price42 401,- HUF

MA | Two-colour side according to RAL
Net price 24 734,- HUF
Gross price31 412,- HUF



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