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WTes 1672 | LIEBHERR Multi-temperature wine cabinet

WTes 1672 | LIEBHERR Multi-temperature wine cabinet

The WKes 1672 | Multi-temperature wine cabinet is a gross 123 litre refrigerator with a fan cooling system and switchable, interior LED light. Pre-ventilation design.  2 separately adjustable temperature zones. The ventilation and humidity can be set to 2 levels. The controls are touch button electronic. It has a digital temperature display, an optical and acoustic alarm function and a keypad lock function. The refrigerator is equipped with HardLine insulated glassdoor with stainless steel frame (optional lock), which automatically closes and the direction of opening can be reversed. The door insulation is hygienic and exchangeable. It also has an activated carbon filter. The outer casing is stainless steel and the inner one-piece grey polystyrene (environmentally friendly). A evaporator guard and a safety thermostat are installed in the refrigerator to protect against freezing. There are 3 telescopic wooden shelves, intermediate separator shelf and a ribbed floor pan inside the fridge. The defrosting is automatic.


Liebherr commercial products are guaranteed for 5 years. The provisos are found in the"Warranty" section.

Product details:

  • External dimensions: 598 x 575 x 822 mm
  • Energy consumption: 0,375 kWh/24h
  • Current consumption: 1,5 A
  • Noise: 36 dB
  • Voltage: 220-240 V, 50 Hz
  • Shelf:   wooden
  • Bottles (0,75 litre bordeaux): 34 pcs
  • Net volume: 94 liters
  • Net weight: 53 kg
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Refrigeration range: +5/+20 °C
  • Gross weight: 57 kg
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Net price 700 780,- HUF
Sales price: 665 741,- HUF

Gross price 845 491,- HUF



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