Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see the devices?

The products are available for pick up in our warehousesat following locations:

Where can I take the ordered equipment?

The products are in our warehouse, which is at following address: 2330-Dunaharaszti, Jedlik Ányos u. 27-29. Térkép

How much is the shipping cost of the devices?

Shipping to Budapest up to five working days and to the countryside up to 10 days is free of charge, we take delivery to the gate in case of 500,000 HUF net minimum order. Quotation is needed in case of specific request for an express delivery. The free shipping discount cannot be combined with the Black Wednesday Specials or other allowances.

What is the warranty on the products?

We provide for the refrigeration equipment 1 years, for the large kitchen machines and milk dispensers 1 year warranty.

Do you sell used-products?

No, we do not deal with the distribution of used equipment.

Does the service cover the whole country?

Yes, our service network covers the whole country.

What type of energy class have the refrigerators?

The professional cooling units do not have the energy classification.

Can I get extra shelves for refrigerators?

Extra shelf is accessible for most of the products.

What is the reason, that the side of the refrigerator is hot?

It is a natural process for some type of fridges because the condenser there delivers the heat.

What are the benefits of static / ventilation cooling?

Advantages of static cooling: cheaper, dries out the product less. Advantages of ventilation cooling: constant temperature at all points in the refrigerated space.

What is the reason that the outside cooler/panel glass is humid?

Make sure that the outdoor temperature and humidity complies with the prescribed instructions in the user manual. If these values are not correct, condensation may occur in accordance with the laws of physics.

What is the reason that water can be found on the bottom of the fridge?

It can be typical at some models with side cooling. In such cases do not fully adjust to level of the refrigerator, preferably tilt backwards a little bit, so the water can flow out through the water channel.

The inside of the refrigerator is frosted, what is the reason?

Make sure that the refrigerator door closes properly, or no contamination can be found on the magnetic profile rubber. This feature can be a natural process at some refrigerators with side-cooling since the system periodically performs defrosting.

What to do when the inner side of the cooler/panel glass is humid?

In this case, please call the service!

Why can spots on a stainless refrigerator appear?

Do not use acid / alkaline detergent for cleaning, because it may cause patching.

What is the difference between air-cooled and water-cooled ice maker machines?

Concerns about air-cooled machine:
It cools down itself with ambient air; therefor it is not possible to build completely around the cooler, ventilation space needed. If the outside temperature is high, the ice making capacity is reducing. The same is true in the case when the capacitor is not cleaned regularly. In addition, even the expected consumption growth as well.

Concerns about water-cooled machine:
t is recommended to be fully fitted. It cools down itself with water, hence the water consumption increases. It is less sensitive to external temperature. The need for maintenance is less than one air-cooled machine.



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