Quality is always the most important for the TC Group – the Hungarian mother company-, which has introduced the iSO standard among the firsts in Hungary, producing refrigeration equipment since 1986.

Our products are distributed all over Europe. There are 2 main production categories: The first group are refrigerators, the other group includes flow-through liquid coolers. Most of the flow-through liquid coolers are used by the beer industry, some other areas of usage are soda makers and soft drink dispensers.

Refrigerators (with glass or solid door), which are in very wide range from 18 to 1200 liters, are mostly produced with compressor, but the smaller ones are electrothermically cooled. There materials used internally and externally vary from surface structured INOX sheet to plastic coated sheets. We make sure that the materials used in production are recyclable to reduce the pollution of the environment. We also make sure to reduce. Air pollution and optimize energy consumption and work more effectively. All of our bottle coolers are available in all kind of storage options from the vertically bent sliding shelves to horizontal wine bottle holders. The glass coolers can be used in several fields from the catering industry to the health industry. Our health industry equipment such as blood and reagent coolers are fullfilling the strongest standards, recording and archiving temperatures digitally or mechanically as required.

Solid door refrigarators

Product on sale
Own manufactured product
TC KEGNS2 (DKB-2) | KEG cooler

TC KEGNS2 (DKB-2) | KEG cooler

Net price 377 946,- HUF

Sales price: 321 254,- HUF

Gross price 407 993,- HUF



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