As one of our ccusomers said:

"TC Hungary is a constant point in the domestic industry"

We have been producing and distributing high-quality professional refrigeration equipment since 1986. Due to the domestic production, on the one hand we can fulfil the specific needs with extraordinary flexibility and on the other hand the price-value ratio of our products is unbeatable. The customer satisfaction is the most important aim for us.

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Although we are really proud of our self-produced products, we extended our product assortment with appliances with the world’s best price-value ratio. We distribute around 3000 professional catering and commercial products. We have many supermarket chains, small shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants as satisfied customers, reference.

Professional refrigerators, cooling chambers or kitchen catering equipment can be leased by our parner.

More information about leasing can be found here.

Refrigeration technology

The oldest department of the company serving clients for 25 years. We have the widest range of own-made and import cooling equipment – one of the biggest selection in Hungary. In our central showroom we serve all types of restaurants, bars, shops or buffets. All equipment fullfils the requirements of the HACCP and all made through the procedures of the iSO standard.

Our experienced team is ready to respond to any queries. In our Budapest central showroom all our products can be purchased and our colleagues are ready to provide a personal assistance. The nation-wide maintenance service provides support for warranties and regular maintenance tasks as well.

Kitchen catering equipment

Our mission is to provide the union of full scale services (production, trade and maintenance) to the catering industry – and to successfully gain sources through tenders and public procurement procedures:
consultancy – planning – implementation - production - service

n the range of a small buffet to a creation of a huge kitchen of a hotel we can fulfill any requests. Most of these products are imported and can be personally introduced in our Budapest showroom. Through our nationwide maintenance network we provide guaranteed and non guaranteed maintenance tasks.


The spare parts shop dating back more than 10 years is ready to serve all customer needs. All accessories to machines distributed through us are available in our Budapest showroom. To process claims as quickly as possible, you can purchase the spare parts personally in our showroom as well as through other doorto door delivery options.



If you have problem with storage or transportation of the goods, the logistics service of our company certainly provides an efficient solution. Our central (in Budapest) and 6 additional regional logistics warehouses offer modern logistics appliances and protected storage. Our own truck fleet ensures fast and cheap product delivery. We guarantee the efficiency through the well organized transport. Ask for a quote and you will not be disappointed. You can read more about our logistics service,

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Service & maintenance


The service and maintenance is provided by the service company of the group. It operates the largest and densest service network in Hungary. The helpful customer service, experienced staff and friendly prices guarantee the satisfaction of our partners. We have a large inventory of components; therefore the troubleshooting is fast and efficient in every case. Learn more about our services and quality assurance system. For more information about our service,

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TC Hungary


The TC group



H-2800 Tatabánya, Csarnok u. 17.
Postacím: 1475 Budapest, Pf.: 139.
Tel.:(+36-34) 324-868
Fax: (+36-34) 324-075

TC Bohemia

Czech Republic

Thermotechnika Bohemia s.r.o.

Komenského 951, Újezd u Brna
Czech Republic
Tel.: (+420) 544 224 326,
(+420) 544 229 478

TC Romania


Crown Cool SRL

Toplita St. 155
Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita
Tel.: (+40) 366 101 550
Fax: (+40) 366 101 551

TC Slovakia


Thermotechnika Crown Cool, s.r.o

941 31 Dvory nad Žitavou, Krajná 2620
Tel.: +421 911 277 482
+421 917 760 743

Ditl Metal spol s.r.o.

941 31 Dvory nad Zitavou 2159
Tel.: (+421) 356 485 274
Fax: (+421) 356 446 511

TC Serbia


Crown Cool d.o.o.

23325 Padej
Miloša Obilića 1a (Serbia)
Tel.: (+381) 63 1030 073
Fax: (+381) 63 1090 050

TC Croatia


Crown Cool d.o.o.

Kralja Petra Svačića 130,
31 300 Beli Manastir
Tel.: (+385) 31 700 690
Fax: (+385) 31 704 044



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